Bar Brothers Workout

Looking At The Bar Brothers Workout

In many ways the Bar Brothers workouts have gone against many trends. While entire brands like Bowflex have developed touting the benefits of the newest and most advanced piece of exercise equipment out there, the Bar Brothers programs go the other way: by looking at the amazing fitness achieved by many of our ancestors, especially looking at the warriors. The common names come up: Rome, Sparta, Greeks. The idea was simple: these warriors were the epitome of shape, loaded with muscle on frames that were agile, flexible, and powerful to an extent most modern men don’t come close to matching.

How could they do this without modern equipment? If they could do it off all body weight exercises, it made sense that modern man should be able to do the exact same thing and that’s what you get with Bar Brothers workouts: serious body weight based exercises and training that help build muscle and truly tone the body through and through so every muscle, every part of the body is heavily toned and defined.

True to the name, many of these workouts involve a bar whether for chin-ups, gymnastic type workouts, and everything in between.

The Bar Brothers Workout Routines

Beginner Routines
Exercise routines by the Bar Brothers can often be broken into both beginner routines and advanced routines. These starter routines are full of exercises you will often see and be familiar with even if you are not a fitness buff. The key is putting together multiple body weight exercises that hit all the muscle groups and get the heart rate up and then repeat them in cycles.

These exercises include things like: jumping jacks, wall sits, dips, squats, push ups, stomach crunches, planks, beginner pull ups, and more. They are relatively simple exercises that help to give big results especially when all of them are combined with one another. Multiple cycles means the exercises don’t get old, the muscles stay active and you get to enjoy mixing and matching the circuit workouts while seeing positive results.

Advanced Routines
Advanced routines still use the same concept but move things to a different and more difficult level. These include compound motions and actions that in the beginning many people will find extremely difficult. Clapping pull ups, clapping push ups, full dips on a pull up bar, diamond push ups, full hanging leg raises, incline & decline push ups, and plank-like exercises lasting for a minute or more at a time.

Don’t be surprised if you wash out the first time through an advanced routine – these are brutal during the transition but they create some pretty incredible results for those people willing to dive into the routine.

There’s a lot to like about the Bar Brothers workout, and there are plenty of studies and mountains of evidence showing that exercises that follow natural motion or chores tend to lend to muscles that are also stronger and allow for the person to apply that strength in practical ways. From beginner to advanced routines, there’s a lot to love about these workouts and the way they empower even people with no budget to get into the best shape of their lives. Click here to visit their website

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